Have you ever been in a situation when you had put your bike in neutral, let the clutch go but the bike still pounces forward like it is in gear and not in neutral? Well, a few Indian Motorcycles are suffering from a similar kinda situation as they have a problematic gear position switch.

What’s the issue?

As per Indian Motorcycle, the switch connected to the gear selector could potentially indicate it’s in the wrong gear on the motorcycles’ display. The switch uses resistance to determine the gear and send the information to the display. Oxidation could cause the switch to lose sensitivity and send the rider the wrong information, particularly in first gear.

How could it be hazardous?

This could result in damage or crash of the bike with another vehicle, especially in traffic and/or parking. The rider could be under the impression that the bike is in neutral and let the clutch go. Chances are that instead of neutral, the bike would be in the first gear. You know what we mean?

What are the models affected?

As per the documents, a total of 52,745 bikes manufactured between 2012 and 2019 are affected by this issue. This number includes models of 2014-2019 Indian Chief, 2014-2019 Indian Chieftain, 2014-2019 Indian Roadmaster, and 2014-2019 Indian Springfield.

How would the issue be rectified?

The dealer will replace the switch with a new unit that has higher resistance values which will allow it to remain efficient even if oxidized. The recall process will begin next year. Owners of the affected models will be contacted.

Have you faced any such issues with your Indian?