I’ve never had a go on any of the motorcycles that rolled out of Buell Motorcycle Company. I did ride a friend’s Lightning XB9S around the block but that doesn’t qualify as a proper ride. Sometime last week, for no apparent reason, I had an idea of looking for a used Buell motorcycle. I’ve heard that they go cheap because the company shut down in 2009 and many owners aren’t comfortable with that fact and want to get rid of their rides.


However, in the process of looking for a motorcycle, I came across EBR, which stands for Eric Buell Racing. EBR is Buell Motorcycle Company resurrected and has the backing of HERO MotoCorp, the Indian motorcycling powerhouse. EBR currently doesn’t have any dealership in the region but the brand is actively looking for dealers in the UAE and the Middle East.

Here is a press release from EBR that highlights the company and its latest products, a street oriented EBR1190SX and a road legal track ready, EBR1190RX.


EBR’s founder, Erik Buell, was a successful motorcycle racer before becoming a designer and manufacturer. EBR is the definition of the American spirit, offering motorcycles designed and manufactured in the USA, yet featuring superb technology from around the world. While EBR engineers global performance into each model, every bolt on an EBR motorcycle is turned in East Troy, Wisconsin.

Before he was a successful engineer/motorcycle designer/motorcycle manufacturer, Erik Buell was a motorcycle racer. And like any good racer, when you get knocked down, you get right back up. Well Erik is not only back up, he and the rest of us are running hard and fast.


We think like racers, making decisive, aggressive and calculated decisions. But we also think like passionate riders. We make bikes that we want to ride. Most of all, we feed off Erik and his fire-in-the-gut passion to build fast, magnificently engineered motorcycles.

His basic design philosophy is based around three solid engineering principles.

Mass Centralisation. A high proportion of the machine’s weight is mounted as close to the centre and as close to the ground as possible. This is why our exhaust is mounted beneath the engine. This lowers the centre of gravity and makes for a more agile and better handling motorcycle.


Chassis Rigidity. This is all about keeping your wheels firmly in line so that the bike goes exactly where you point it without flex giving better handling and making man and machine work together as one. The frame is built from box aluminium and doubles as the fuel reservoir. The swinging arm is constructed the same way for optimized stiffness.

Low Unsprung Weight. Changes in direction when flicking from side to side are generally restricted by the gyroscopic effect of weight. That’s why we keep everything which isn’t supported by the suspension as light as possible. We have a big perimeter mounted disc brake on the front with a single eight piston brake calliper to keep the weight down and because the braking forces are transmitted straight from the rotor to the tyre we can run thin light weight spokes and even pare away weight from the wheel hubs.


EBR currently has two models.


It is a direct descendant of EBR’s race-bred limited edition 1190RS Super Bike. The 1190RX features many new rider-focused features and has substantially raised the bar over competitive sportbike offerings. Most notably, the new motorcycle weighs-in at just 190kg, yet boasts 185 horsepower and 138Nm. of torque from its ET-V2 1190 cc V-Twin engine. Few, if any, production motorcycles have ever produced this level of peak torque. The 1190RX’s wide torque band assures riders that ample power is available in every gear, and 21 traction control settings keep the power within the rider’s control in all road conditions. Aside from boasting the broadest torque band, the new engine delivers a combined highway/city fuel economy 14kmpl. Likewise, the hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide exhaust emissions produced by the 1190RX are less than 25 per cent of those allowed by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. Carbon monoxide emissions are just 6 per cent of the level allowed by U.S. federal regulations.


A true naked streetfighter-style sport bike with uncompromising Superbike race-bred performance and handling.

Sharing the 1190RX’s V-Twin engine rated at 185 crankshaft horsepower and more than 135Nm of torque, the new EBR 1190SX delivers the highest performance available in the streetfighter category. EBR founder and Chief Technical Officer Erik Buell is no stranger to streetfighter-style sport bikes, having defined the category with the introduction of the S1 Lightning in 1995. “The streetfighter classification, which was so revolutionary when we first came to market, is now being used by marketing people for all sorts of motorcycles, including some thinly-disguised standard bikes that have de-tuned or obsolete powertrains,” said Buell. “So, perhaps the appropriate new name for a bike like the 1190SX is, ‘Superfighter.”