Electric motorcycles are fast proliferating across the world, and the latest to take up the e-bike path is American startup Tarform Motorcycles.

Tarform recently announced its first model and it looks rather good. The design seamlessly blends retro styling to modern gadgetry. The electric motorcycle manages to look like a yesteryears’ classic despite being made of modern material. Although it is not everyone’s cup of tea, the styling of the motorcycle is very striking indeed.

Perhaps the most prominent achievement of Tarform is how clean the e-bike looks. It is packed to the gills with modern technology and an electric drivetrain, yet it maintains an air of a no-frills, barebones motorcycle. The minimalist design and dark tones of the colour palette come together to impart the bike a mean aesthetic. Step closer and you begin to see just how modern the product is. Beginning with the obvious electric motor that is nestled in an elegant housing, the modern digital round instrument pod, LED lighting all around, and the use of modern machining methods and materials to craft the bike.Tarform-Motorcycles-Dubai-UAE

Tarform has not come up with a name for the e-motorcycle yet, but the retro-standard bike does have the appeal of a modern classic (Think Bonnie) to it. But the real party trick of the electric motorcycle is its electronics and onboard technology. It boasts of 21st-century tech like proximity warnings and service reminders. The battery pack can take the bike to a maximum of 140km. But all these features and tricks pale in front of one feature Tarform added to the bike: Artificial Intelligence. The bike is aware of its surroundings and has the ability to inform its rider of any potential danger.

Aside from the above information, details are not yet out on the intelligent e-bike. Prices begin at $18,000 for the standard model and some extra premium if you opt for the founders’ edition variant. The bike is supposed to be ready to ship out in 2019, and you can reserve yours through Tarform’s official website.