To improve the safety of motorcyclists, Energica has a vision for the future where we would have advanced safety features like Lane Change Assist in motorcycles, either petrol-run or electric. It is good to know that companies like Energica are taking up such tasks so that we, bikes, would have a safer future.

To get the work done, Energica has partnered up with a German University of Applied Sciences “Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes”. The title of the project in development is the E2R Project. It is a step-based lane change assistant for motorcycles, based on an innovative camera system for early detection of hazards.


Speaking about the partnership, Giampiero Testoni, CTO Energica, said, ”In these years we never stopped at the status quo that current technology offered. We continued to do research, creating new know-how. By getting involved with universities we can take advantage of working with new talents, facing new challenges.”

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We have seen the use of similar technology in many modern cars that are available in the market right now. However, we don’t have a motorcycle that has got such safety features yet. The assistant that Energica and ‘htw saar’ are working on is supposed to help motorcyclists by providing blind spot monitoring, monitoring distant vision for approaching vehicles, monitoring of approaching objects toward the motorcycles and keeping an overview in critical situations.

Team E2R from the University of Applied Sciences “htw saar”, said, “For us, safety is one of the most important topics while riding a motorcycle. That is why we are developing innovative sensor systems for motorcycles in Saarbrücken. We are glad to have such an innovative and powerful partner like Energica for this challenge”.

The project is in work and at this point in time, we are unsure as to when we would be able to see such helpful and life-saving safety features in actual life on production-ready road legal motorcycles. We wish Energica and the Team E2R all the best and are looking forward to hearing more good news soon.