FIM and Dorna together have been pushing for an electric motorcycle GP, slated to begin in 2019. Energica was announced to be the supplier of race bikes for the inaugural 2019 FIM Moto-E World Cup.

The electric motorcycle industry got a huge boost with Energica clinching the role of chief supplier of race bikes for the FIM Moto-E World Cup series, with the first race to be held in the beginning of 2019. All teams racing at in Moto-E will be provided with an Energica Ego street bike with necessary upgrades for racing. As such, all bikes will be powered by the 134 hp PMAC motor, and will certainly be lighter than the roadgoing version’s 258-kilo heft.

Energica is owned by CRP Group, one of Motor Valley’s most prominent engineering firm, with close ties to FIA Formula One and other racing ventures. This greatly increased Energica’s prospects in the bidding process.


Moto-E heavily favors those bikes that already have a roadgoing model. Dorna wants to focus on such production platforms that already are available to the public, to bring a sense of relevance to the e-bike race. Belgian Sarolea and Lightning Motorcycles of USA were also contenders in the bidding, with both the firms having a racing record, albeit with mixed results. However, Energica is committed to increasing its sales and service network in all the markets it is present in. This was one of the major reasons Energica won the bid.

Eventually, other manufacturers will be allowed to field their own motorcycles on the FIM Moto-E grid. Right now, having multiple manufacturers on the same track would result in a one-sided and uninteresting race, looking at the different levels of performance each bike maker brings to the table.


“The FIM Moto-e World Cup is a new and exciting project for Dorna, and it makes us very proud to announce Energica will be the supplier in this new venture,” said Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta. “We believe in excellence, quality, and performance and we cannot think of a better collaborator with whom to launch the FIM Moto-e World Cup. Energica are an industry-leading and innovative company and we look forward to the incredible spectacle of electric-powered racing together.”

It will be interesting to see what regulations Dorna brings forth to help deal with the Ego’s porky mass. Perhaps different battery packs specific to certain racing tracks? This is just one of the clever workarounds that could be done to the bike. 2019, please come sooner so we can see riders going full throttle in complete silence around a racetrack!