The first season of MotoE is scheduled to kick off next year. Energica is the sole supplier of the electric race bikes for the MotoE. To give the audience a glimpse of how would a MotoE race look like, Energica puts its EgoGP to test at the Losail International Circuit after the Qatar GP.

The EgoGP was ridden by the former 500cc British Grand Prix winner and noted Kiwi Simon Crafar. He did a demo lap at the circuit and was pretty impressed with the performance of the bike. Commenting on it, he said, “The experience was really different, the only thing that felt normal was the acceleration off the corner. But then I was automatically going for the gear lever, which it doesn’t need. Then, braking, you can feel the battery weight. It wants to go straight ahead a little more. I was on both brakes trying to get it to stop.”


Energica has still got a lot of ground to cover before the first season of MotoE commences in 2019. However, the EgoGP electric bike did help us to visualise a bit about MotoE races. The EgoGP is not the final race motorcycle that will be used in the MotoE. It is still a prototype. It makes around 145 bhp of power and 195 Nm of torque which is instantly available at the twist of the throttle. Energica claims that it can do 0-96 kph in just 3 seconds, and has the capability to achieve a top speed of 241 kph. The final race model would be slightly more powerful than this.


The official testing season for the MotoE will commence sometime in Feb next year. Until then, Energica will keep on improving its electric race bike, and will also put demo laps at the remaining races of the 2018 MotoGP season. The next race is scheduled for 8th April in Argentina.