Italian electric superbike manufacturer Energica is putting its halo product, the Ego through its paces. The electric track bike recently claimed another record at a gathering of EV motorsports aficionados in the USA.

The Energica Ego has been consistently spearheading the advent of electric powertrains ever since it was formally launched in 2015. Its success was so much that Dorna, the controlling entity of MotoGP announced a new Grand Prix exclusively for electric motorcycles, with Energica being the first firm to field the Ego at the start line.

Why are electric bikes all the rage right now? In the pursuit of speed, racers and engineers realised that nothing comes close to the kind of performance an electric motor is capable of. Tesla has been fighting to make EVs mainstream and has proved their worth with its ludicrous mode. Electric motorcycles have the same torque all through their rev range with only a quarter of a car’s weight to pull, resulting in some serious performance numbers.


To that end, the Energica Ego ran a demo lap at the Qatar GP in March that showcased its abilities to pull hard through each and every situation anywhere on the track. Recently, it made its way to Refuel EV track event. Refuel has been organised by Speed Ventures in California since 2008. It is a platform to gather all EV aficionados together in a motorsport setting. On the first weekend of July, Refuel celebrated its tenth anniversary and another record was set on the occasion by none other than Energica.

Amidst 21 rivals, Energica service manager Chris Paz put the Ego through its paces at the famous Laguna Seca Raceway, lapping the track in a record 1:48:76, almost a second faster than last year’s timing. The blazing race saw Paz at the top of the podium in motorcycle class.


Energica is sure heading in the right direction with its motorcycles. Not only is the Ego an able competitor to today’s advanced fuel-burning bikes, it silently leaves a large chunk of them in the dust thanks to its incredible performance. Clinching the role of sole supplier of race bikes to MotoE has also cemented Energica’s position as a manufacturer to be reckoned with. To top it all, the Ego is already a production bike you can buy off the dealers for $25,000. Way to go Energica!