Energica Motor Company is the one that had been chosen by Dorna to provide electric race bikes for the 2019 MotoE world championship. The company has now set up a new department specifically dedicated to the development and building of these electric MotoE race bikes.

This new department is located within the production area of the company. It will take care of all the major developments of the Ego Corsa race bikes. Apart from that, there will also be a few special and custom-made projects undergoing in this department.

Speaking about this, Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica Motor Company SpA, said, “The new department is part of Energica’s evolution. The new area will develop and produce the Ego Corsa racebikes involved in the next FIM Enel MotoE World Cup and will have 5 workstations. We currently have 5 highly professional experts dedicated to MotoE, but we are looking for new profiles, among others, to complete the team of the new department.”


Energica has set up this new department in collaboration with Sonic Equipment and BikeLift. These are the official Energica sponsors. While the former specializes in the development and production of professional hand tools and trolley systems for the automotive industry, the latter is a leading manufacturer of equipment and accessories for motorcycle workshops.

We’ve already seen Energica testing out its Ego Corsa by performing demo laps at a few of the MotoGP races in this season. And next year we’re going to see the electric bikes race at the first-ever MotoE world championship.