Aprilia had everyone’s attention as soon as it unveiled its brand-new RS660, a motorcycle that we’ve been eagerly waiting for. After that, the Italian brand had another great product hiding under the sheets; it was the Tuono 660 concept.

We are familiar with Aprilia’s Tuono series of products and with its new Tuono 660 concept, Aprilia is planning to make its Tuono range more affordable to the masses. The Tuono 660 concept is based on the Aprilia RS660. It shares most of the parts and components with the fully-faired bike however, doesn’t get the full fairing. Instead, Aprilia has given it as mini fairing, just like with its other Tuono models.


Even though the fairing is shortened, the Tuono 660 concept continues to have the same LED headlight setup as the RS660, and we are not complaining about it. The Tuono 660 concept also gets a single-piece tube-type handlebar for a more upright riding posture.

Yes, the engine of the Tuono 660 is the same as that of the RS660 however it has been tuned to churn out 5 bhp less power, i.e., 95 bhp. Along with that, it would also get all the electronics which we usually expect from a motorcycle of its class.

Aprilia has said that the Tuono 660 will make its debut next year as a 2021 model.