Marking the 20th anniversary of its monumental race weapon, Yamaha paid homage to the legendary R1 by unveiling a special edition at the EICMA this year.

The special edition GYTR Superbike traces its decals back to its initial racing days which will now find its way to the European market as well.

Apart from the iconic red and white livery, 20 bikes that will exit the production ramp will also sport some serious trick parts. First up, the limited edition special model will be a track-only model. This calls for a trimmed wiring harness for race use. Other race exclusive elements on the bike include a new ECU, CCU, and quick-turn throttle.

The bike also sports top-spec components such as an Öhlins FGRT 219 front fork package, mated to a TTX36 GP rear shock. Braking apparatus on the bike consists of a Brembo apparatus. This is also supplemented by a fully adjustable steering damper as well as a dual titanium Akrapovic Evolution 2 exhaust system. The bike is also protected from severe crashes with the help of an armour supplied by Gilles Tooling which will be installed on the crankcase and wheel axles.

Each model will have a full carbon fibre fairing and will be customised to the likes of the owner. The model that stands on the display at the EICMA this year is merely a prototype and will be given a final shape before it officially hits the market later in December. Once ready for the customer, a dyno engine break-in and tailored chassis set-up is then performed, to ensure optimal performance

Interested buyers can register themselves to purchase a Yamaha YZF-R1 GYTR. However, the criteria for selection of the 20 lucky owners have still not been disclosed. We have learned that the bike comes with time at the Yamaha Racing Experience (YRE), where they will be coached under experienced Yamaha specialists.

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