Being a motorcyclist, you’re always vulnerable to injuries. Unlike cars, there are only two wheels to keep you up on the ground. Fewer wheels mean fewer contact points with the Earth, consequently increasing the stopping distance while braking. There’s no metallic structure to keep you protected from all sides and no uncountable airbags. When it comes to safety, there are only limited things that a motorcyclist can do.

Similarly, there are only limited features that a motorcycle manufacturer can provide to help the rider stay safe. Latest electronic aids are professors that ignore mistakes of even very expert riders, let alone the noobs. However, Ducati is planning to implement a new safety feature in its products, and it is based on the laser tech.

Racing suit with airbag by Dainese

Ducati keeps on enhancing the safety features of its products. Its latest move is the 2025 Safety Road Map. It is a plan to implement new high-tech safety features on motorcycles. The radar tech will be placed both at the front and rear of a bike. The front unit will monitor what’s ahead (an obstacle or a vehicle) and alter the speed of the motorcycle accordingly. It will change the throttle input and use the brakes all by itself. It will also be used to implement the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) by maintaining a preset distance between the motorcycle and the vehicle ahead.

The radar at the rear end of the bike will continuously keep an eye on the vehicles present in the blind spots. It will also monitor any traffic approaching the motorcycle at a high-speed. Ducati calls this entire system as the ARAS (Advanced Rider Assistance Systems). It utilises numerous sensors to do its job. It is similar to what we’ve seen in modern cars with Driver-Assist technology.

Ducati has been working on this radar tech since 2016. It collaborated with the Department of Electronics, Information, and Bioengineering of the Politecnico di Milano University. It filed a patent of the same in 2017. And if everything worked as per the plan, then this system could make its way into production motorcycles by as early as 2020.

Ducati Corse D-Air K1 Racing Suits

Under this new safety program, the 2025 Safety Road Map, Ducati is also planning to fit cornering ABS in each and every product. It already started this by providing the feature in the latest Scrambler 1100.

It feels nice to know when you get to hear this kind of news. I mean, I get to hear of some or the other new tech that finds its way into some latest modern car. This, the radar system, is something new for the motorcycles. Ducati is really doing a great job in making motorcycles safer. Would it be okay if we can call it the Volvo of the motorcycle industry?

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