Ducati V4 UAE

Ducati bikes are lusciously Italian red and menacing and come with big V-Twin engines. This had its own cult following but it did terribly poor when it came to street worthy power which was useful while you were on the road. To address this, Ducati unveiled their new V4 engine which was christened as the Desmosedici Stradalem right before the Misano MotoGP. There are many bike manufacturers over the world are wanting to buy Ducati, but still, the more important news is the launch of the V4 engine as this is their first ever V4 since their inception as a brand.

It is pretty evident that Ducati aims to capture the World Superbike platform vehemently once again. The Ducati V4 will be a track bike that is now made road worthy and not the other way around. The Ducati Panigale has been a great success in the past and this has been reiterated in the hands of Shane Byrne. Ducati also had worked towards reducing the weight of the Panigale but it is now time that the company needs a bike that will do more than just shed weight and will show improvements in the engine setup that will help it go faster.

It is likely that the V4 engine will be putting out around 210 – 220hp for their road versions and over 230hp for their track ready variants. From a racing standpoint, the reason for a V4 seems logical. Inline fours rev hard but on full lean offer the least amount of traction due to the way the cylinders are set. In a V-Twin setup, when one piston is at its maximum velocity, the other piston is at rest and after 180 degrees it is the exact opposite making the crank work smoothly and will not flutter the rear end of the bike so the exists can be faster and more stable.

Ducati V4 UAE
Credit: MCN

Why then a V4 you ask? Ducati’s extremely over square V-Twin flagship Panigale engines emit more pollution and the with the Euro4 norms getting harder to come by, it was easier for Ducati to come up with a V4 engine from their MotoGP bikes to give an engine that will comply with the emissions standards. This Ducati V4 will be one of the most exciting launches from the Ducati brand we have ever seen.