Ducati-Panigale V4 Speciale-Dubai-UAE

Ducati could soon begin building scooters and electric motorcycles in the wake of the electric automotive revolution, with the first models hitting the streets in the next decade.

In today’s world, urban legends have an infinitesimal chance of coming true. Tales of the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, etc are just stories. And so were the stories of Ducati building  a scooter.

According to Edouard Lotthé, Managing Director of Ducati Western Europe, Ducati is soon going to design and develop a scooter. While this news seems like blasphemy to hardcore Ducatisti, great winds of change are blowing through every automotive manufacturer’s headquarters. The need of the hour is innovative urban mobility solutions, and Ducati is not exempt from the current market trends. In a bid to stay solvent and keep raking in profits, the Borgo Panigale-based maker of high-end sports and lifestyle motorcycles has to toe the line.

2018-Ducati-Panigale V4-Dubai-UAE

Edouard Lotthé outright dismissed the notion that Ducati would get into the entry level sub-300cc class of motorcycles, and confirmed that Ducati would instead build a scooter as their solution to urban mobility. He also revealed that Ducati would soon begin development of a range of electric motorcycles, but did not mention a specific date or timeline.

As part of Volkswagen Group’s great initiative, Roadmap E, all vehicles of all brands that are owned by VAG either directly or through subsidiaries will need to have an electric variant by the end of the next decade. It is unclear whether Ducati would have to follow the same norms that will be imposed on the four-wheeler manufacturers under VAG.

Additionally, 2021 marks a milestone for manufacturers making or selling products in Europe, since that ear onwards, all vehicles sold in Europe will have to be Euro5 compliant. This means that the boffins in Borgo Panigale will have to roll up their sleeves and start preparing the entire range of bikes to meet future standards, four years from now. Future models will have to be submitted to emissions compliance tests as early as 2020 itself.

The Scramblers are safe!

The one positive thing coming out of this is that Ducati has committed to make all its air-cooled engines Euro5 compliant. That means the Scrambler family has a clear entry into the next decade.

Who would have thought that one day Ducati will start building scooters? But as they say, change is the only constant, and Ducati needs to heed the call of the future to stay relevant in today’s fast paced automotive industry. Perhaps the Italians will redefine the meaning of scooters? Only time will tell. In the meanwhile, the Panigale V4 will keep the company afloat and ahead of rivals.