2018-Ducati-Panigale V4-Dubai-UAE

It was not quite long ago when Ducati launched its latest Panigale V4. It is a significant product for the Italian company. Long before its launch, people started talking about it, and they couldn’t wait for it to hit the showrooms. Current day, it is available for purchase. However, there is a couple of issues with the fueling system of the motorcycle that has forced Ducati to issue a recall notice.

The recall is limited to the motorcycles in the USA only. A total of 692 units will face the impact. There are two problems that Ducati has revealed. The first one is in the internal breathing system valve plug. It could leak from the outer diameter O-ring because the O-ring could have been damaged during the valve plug installation process.The problem wasn’t caught because the grease present around the O-ring did not allow the supplier to detect the leakage during the quality control leakage test. Also, the low-level of fuel within the tank did not allow detection of leakage during the production phase in the factory. Ducati dealers will get to work and replace the defective O-ring with a new one.

The second issue here is with the fuel cap. It is unable to provide sufficient ventilation in all conditions which, in certain cases, could lead to an increase in the pressure within the fuel tank. This will allow the fuel to come out from the tank when opening the cap. To fix the problem, Ducati dealers will “rework” the cap to improve breathing.

The recall process is expected to begin from 17 May. Owners of the affected motorcycles will be contacted by Ducati, and they will be notified about the issues.