Ducati Corse D-Air K1 Racing Suits-02

Over the years, the technologies implemented in motorcycles have developed tremendously. This has allowed manufacturers to push their products to the extremes, extracting out every explorable element of the motorcycle. Reaching 300 kph for a litre-class motorcycle is like a walk in the park. But with such extremities, come severe consequences when it comes to safety. While companies have invested hugely in the development of electronic aids on motorcycles, there’s something that riders can do on their part to stay protected; wear riding gear.

Ducati Corse D-Air K1 Racing Suit is a technical sportswear which is made by some of the finest materials available. And it isn’t just a suit, there is a technical part of it too. The racing suit is produced by Dainese, exclusively for Ducati.

Conventional riding suits contain armours which protect various body parts of the rider. The Ducati Corse D-Air K1 Racing Suit is different from the others as it has been technologically designed to equip an airbag. The airbag helps to reduce the impact and provide enhanced protection to the rider’s neck, shoulders, clavicles and ribs.

Ducati Corse D-Air K1 Racing Suits

The airbag doesn’t need any physical connection with the motorcycle. It works on its own. It is activated electronically in an event of rolling, skidding or high-side crash, at speeds above 50 kph. It has an advanced algorithm which analyses the impact and decides in fractions of a second whether to deploy the airbag or not.

Dainese has used its patented technology to design this airbag racing suit. Apart from the airbag, the Ducati Corse D-Air K1 Racing Suit also gets CE certified components like composite protections on elbows and knees and Pro-Armor protectors on shoulders and hips, and seamless aluminium inserts on shoulders, elbows and knees.

All this is waste if it is uncomfortable to wear. Therefore, the Ducati Corse D-Air K1 Racing Suit is made up of Kangaroo leather. It is a material chosen by many professional riders for its particular characteristics. It has a reduced thickness that makes it ideal in terms of lightness and fit, as well as having excellent resistance to tears and abrasions. To guarantee freedom of movement, the suit is also equipped with triaxial elastic inserts, a patented construction combined with an elastic element; in a single piece, this material stretches in 3 different directions to accommodate the rider’s movements.

Ducati Corse D-Air K1 Racing Suits

The Ducati Corse D-Air K1 Racing Suit is fully customisable. It is made as per an individual’s measurements. There are a variety of colours available. You can also pick various logos, texts and images and their location. You can also create a virtual sketch of your suit using a virtual configurator. Visit this website to do so. And order your suit via your local Ducati dealer.