If you have a thing for electric motorcycles or want to have a glimpse at the future of the motorcycle industry, do check out Druid electric bike at the 17th edition Automechanika Dubai automotive show which is scheduled to take place from 10th to 12th June 2019.

Druid Motorcycle Company is a California-based startup which has planned to build four electric and hybrid motorcycles in the near future. Out of those four, it’s going to present its first product called the Druid Sorcerer XEV, at the ongoing Automechanika Dubai automotive show.


The Sorcerer XEV is a fully electric motorcycle that has got 121 PS of power generated by an electric motor paired to a 14kWh battery. The company claims that on a full charge, this will have a range of 193km. Druid has also developed its own AI system called System Warning and Referral Matrix (SWARM) which continuously monitors crucial information like speed, energy consumption and altitude. It then exchanges information among up to 1000 Druid motorcycles and the individual bike’s AI algorithm optimises its performance as per the environment, elevation, and riding style. The system is also claimed to aid in extending the range of the electric batteries.


Other interesting features of the Sorcerer XEV include LED lighting, upright riding stance, USD forks, and a wide and comfortable seat. Druid says that it will launch the Sorcerer XE by the end of 2019 at a price tag of USD 7900 (AED 29018).


The Sorcerer XEV would be a good electric bike and will have a hybrid sibling in the future which will be called the Sorcerer Hybrid. This is what appears to be even more exciting. It will have a twin-cylinder liquid-cooled engine along with an electric motor and together they develop a whopping 233 PS! This is utter insanity because the Aprilia RSV4 Factory, which is the most powerful production litre-class bike, has 217 PS!

If this is the future of the motorcycle industry, bring it on!