Confederate Combat FA-13 Bomber-Dubai-UAE

Confederate Motorcycles will drop the fire-breathing petrol V-Twin engines and opt for electric engines sourced from Zero Motorcycles, and rename itself to Curtiss Motorcycle Company.

Alabama based Confederate Motorcycles revealed its plan to go fully electric earlier this year by setting up an ambitious contract with another American manufacturer, Zero Motorcycles. Under this contract, those huge, prominent V-Twin gasoline engines will make way for silent, powerful electric motors. Also, the firm will rename itself as Curtiss Motorcycle Company, paying ode to aviator Glenn Curtiss, who also happened to be a passionate motorcycle builder and racer.

We already know that the first motorcycle out of the Curtiss workshop will be the Hercules, that will employ a Zero-sourced electric drivetrain good for 175 hp and 393 Nm. The Hercules will officially enter the US motorcycle market on May 5, 2018. Perhaps the most interesting tidbit we can gather from the news is that Curtiss has also revealed that it will be using a modular motorcycle design for the Hercules.

The Confederate B-120 Wraith. One of the last ultra-premium Confederates before the firm goes electric.

Modular motorcycle design may sound like another boring term in the automotive design industry. Yet, when tied to motorcycles like the Hercules, it takes on a new meaning. You see, bikes with modular architecture lend themselves fairly well to personalisation. Essentially, one can build different styles of motorcycles using the same standard chassis. Much like what the BMW R Nine T offers with its multiple derivatives using the same structure.

Curtiss says that the modular design of the Hercules will help each customer to tailor it to his/her specific requirements and preferences. Additionally, electric motorcycles are easier to personalise than their gas-guzzling counterparts, so Curtiss has an edge there.

Along with the rather tempting idea of a tailor-made electric motorcycle that is also powerful to boot, Curtiss claims that the Hercules will feature advanced suspension and “whole new levels” of safety. While these claims are unverified as yet, it will be interesting to see what the firm comes up with to justify the statements.

Confederate Motorcycles will turn into Curtiss Motorcycle Company on January 8, 2018. Let’s wait and watch what the new firm brings to the table.