Based in Ukraine, Delfast showcased its latest electric bike at the Interbike International Expo in Las Vegas. And the biggest USP of this bike is that it can cover 380km on a single charge! Delfast started three years ago as a delivery service company which was responsible for delivering goods from online stores in one hour on electric bikes.

Electric vehicles are the future of automobile industry but Delfast believes that what would be an electric vehicle be useful for if all it can cover mere 50-70km on one full recharge of its batteries. It’s important to keep the range of electric vehicles in mind because no one would want to own an electric car or an electric motorcycle with which they would always have to be in the vicinity of a charge station.

delfast-prime-ebike-uae-dubaiDaniel Tonkopiy, CEO of Delfast, says, “We have many plans. We’re going to open a sales office in California. I’m a fan of electric transportation, and I think this is the future of transportation. Our electric bikes are not an abstract dream or concept. It’s the real-deal, hardcore electric bike project that’s available for use regardless of gender and age … It’s not necessary to be in excellent physical shape to travel long distances on an electric bicycle – along with Delfast bikes it’s possible to easily and comfortably cover 236 miles on a single charge.”

Delfast has three electric bikes for its catalogue and the top-end model is called the Prime. This e-bike weighs only 43kg. It has a top speed of 55kph. This is the one which the company claims can achieve a range of 380km in one charge of its batteries. To show this to the world, Delfast put a rider on the e-bike, strapped a GoPro on him and shot a video. Here’s it is down below.

The other electric bike models are named as the ‘Top’ and ‘Lite’ models. These two models fall below the Prime model and hence have a shorter range. While the ‘Top’ model can cover 280km on a single charge, the ‘Lite’ model can do 180km.

Apart from being generous with their capabilities of covering long distances, these electric bikes also come with features like turn signals, automatic brake lights, GPS tracking, a mobile app, a start/stop button; remote start; 2 USB chargers; a U.S.-made 3,000-cycle battery, high-intensity headlights, etc.

Tonkopiy is very optimistic with Delfast’s latest product. He says, “We want to conquer the world with this bike. Our goal is to spread the word, to make people know about such great products. And I really consider this a great product.”