The new Triumph Daytona 765 has made its way to the dyno of Mmecabike31, few French guys who specialize in Triumph motorcycles, and there’s a video of it shared by Blackhat Motorcycles. The Moto2 inspired engine on this machine sounds unbelievably awesome. Have a look!


Wasn’t it great? And that was on a video. Imagine the bike in flesh doing a flyby in front of you. That would be insane!

We don’t know exactly when you’d be getting that chance as there’s no official news regarding the launch or price of the new Daytona 765. A few spy shots of the bike’s test mule were doing the rounds on the Internet last month. Not much has changed in terms of looks but that’s okay. The Daytona always had a different style statement which we really like. And those who didn’t, they start liking it as soon as they ride it.

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The main area of development for the (2020) Triumph Daytona 765 is its engine. It’s inspired from the Moto2 engine so… you get the drift right? 765cc, 3-cylinders, 135+ hp and nothing much.

Oh, I wanna ride it right now so bad!