Damon Motorcycles Halo-uae-dubai

Stepping into the electric motorcycle base is a new Vancouver-based company called Damon Motorcycles. What’s interesting about them is that they have a new and amazing radar-based safety feature for their future electric motorcycles. Also, there are some other eye-catching elements which we think you would find impressive.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room, the 360-degree radar-based safety system. The company claims that this system comprises of radars, cameras, and artificial intelligence. Data from the radar system and cameras will be forwarded by 5G to the cloud where Damon’s proprietary AI engine will continuously extract from it the positions, speed, and trajectories of as many as 64 objects near the motorcycle. If one or more of trajectories appear to intersect with the path of the motorcycle, the rider is warned by a combination of flashing LED lights on the curved OLED screen, and even vibrations on the handlebar of an impending collision.

Damon Motorcycles Halo-uae-dubai

What do you think of it? It might be an interesting bet but for it be 100% successful and accurate, the AI system would have to be foolproof. We wouldn’t like our handlebars suddenly vibrating for no reason at all as that would get really annoying very soon.

Another interesting feature of Damon’s Halo is its multiple rider ergonomics. There are three different points of adjustments provided on the motorcycle. They can be electrically controlled to adjust the handlebars, foot pegs, and seat so as to get you a comfortable riding position. So you can have an aggressive and sporty riding stance when you want to act as Rossi or you can have a relaxed cruiser-like riding position when you just want to crunch miles.

Damon Motorcycles Halo-uae-dubai

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Damon will also provide an app for both iOS and Android devices. This app will have features like customisation options, connectivity options, riding modes, etc.

The Canadian Halo is still a prototype and there’s no info as to when it could grow into an actual e-bike. We hope it does soon.