Helmet design and technology is continuously evolving. There are a handful of ‘smart’ helmets that are pulling all the attention of motorcyclists. Such helmets promise to provide some cool and handy features that we wouldn’t have imagined of a few years ago. Joining the group of smart helmets is the latest entrant – CrossHelmet X1. However, this is a bit different than the rest of them.

The design of the X1 is quite different from the usual or conventional helmet. It has a curved profile with a large frontal air intake and a bulbous visor. This profile and shape of the visor allowed to have more space in the front of the rider’s face.


It also comes with hi-tech features like a heads-up display that shows various necessary information to the rider at his/her eye level. There is also a turn-by-turn navigation system and a rearview camera that provides a full 360-degree visibility to the rider. Of course, CrossHelmet has also included Bluetooth connectivity for voice commands, music streaming, and whatnot.

Another interesting feature of the CrossHelmet X1 is that it has got a couple of touchpads or rather pressure sensitive pads. These are located where the visor is connected to the shell of the helmet. The purpose of these pads is to give the rider liberty of having a few predetermined commands that he can use with the tip of his/her fingers. For example, swipe up or down motion would increase or decrease the volume. These pads should work even with riding gloves on. The X1 also has LEDs mounted on both the sides for increased safety and visibility while riding at night.


To help keep this piece of technology up and running in its full swing, there is a Lithium-Ceramic battery that offers around 6 to 8 hours of power. Besides that, there is also an 8GB of flash memory and a Quad ARM Cortex A53 1.2 GHz processor. The X1 isn’t just a gimmicky helmet, but it serves its primary purpose of protecting the rider. It is DOT, ECE, and JIS certified.

Weighing in at 1,780g, the CrossHelmet X1 is a bit on the heavier side. It is going to heavy on the pocket as well because it has a price tag of $1,799 or AED 6607. Are you looking forward to trying out the X1?