Confederate Combat FA-13 Bomber-Dubai-UAE

Confederate Motorcycles is a special brand that makes hand-made motorcycles for the world that have big and throaty V-Twin engines that put north of 200hp like the Combat Fighter, Combat Bomber that is in the picture. However, Confederate is now ditching petrol engines entirely when it announced the partnership with the American brand Zero Motorcycles to product practical electric bikes made available to the local crowd which includes the 70hp SR. This is a very huge step for the Confederate brand and we are waiting to see how well this would pan out for the company who believed in character filled bikes in the past.

Confederate Combat FA-13 Bomber

The Alabama based firm has confirmed that they are going electric so much that they launched the new name for their electric bike – Hercules as reported by the Los Angeles Times. The firm confirmed that they will hold their roots of launching power cruisers and that the Hercules was using Zero’s electric motors to put 175hp and a whopping 393Nm of torque. What is also shocking is that the Confederate name will be changed to Curtiss Motorcycles because the name invoked the American Civil War times and also hinted the political unrest of present times.

The Curtiss name is a tribute to Glenn Curtis who set the land speed record in 1903 before becoming a pioneer in aviation industry. They also said that they will sell another 22 more petrol engine powered bikes before they completely went electric. After selling these 22 which included 13 Combat Bombers and others they plan to go electric and get their name re-branded. This is indeed a bold move for the Confederate brand as this will shake its foundations as it was perceived as a very different brand. Is it going to boost the brand or completely bury it, only time will tell us.