Touratech, the well-known German company which makes a wide range of adventure and touring accessories for motorcycles, has come up with a new product which is a breathable seat for motorcycle riders. It is called the Dri Ride.

The seat of a motorcycle should be one of the many reasons of buying it but is often neglected by the riders. Sports bikes are performance oriented and they come equipped with all the bells and whistles which helps them to go faster. So, rider comfort takes a back seat and what you get is a small black patch of ‘foam’. If we talk about adventure tourers, they are more comfortable than the sports bikes (obviously) but even they don’t provide proper comfy seats. So, Touratech has the solution for this with its Dri Ride breathable seats.

Touratech claims that its Dri Ride breathable seats are more comfortable and will keep your bum dry even if you spend long hours in the saddle riding in summers. It says that the seat has Touratech Vapor-Flow Technology which allows your body’s moisture to pass through your riding gear, down through the seat fabric and into the breathable membrane. The moisture then escapes through the sides of the seat, leaving you dry and comfortable.

Touratech promises to keep your bum dry even after long riding hours with its Dri Ride breathable seat

Although the seat is breathable the tight structure of the Rain-Block Fabric forces water droplets to bead up and roll off the seat. It’s completely waterproof. Touratech has developed Ergo-Response Long-Distance Foam, which is tuned for comfort and designed to hold you in the optimal riding position. Ergo-Response technology keeps you on top of the saddle, not sunken down into it. The foam core is sculpted in a way that ensures there’s no pressure on the coccyx (tail-bone) and your weight is supported evenly for all-day comfort. The longer you ride, the better it feels.

As of now, Touratech Australia has the Dri Ride breathable seats available online for a list of motorcycles. The seats are available for both rider and pillion. To get you an idea of the pricing, the Dri Ride breathable seat for a Triumph Tiger Explorer costs $738 whereas one for the Honda Africa Twin will set you back by $1069.