British motorcycle manufacturer CCM revealed the new 600cc Flat Tracker, which joins the Spitfire series of motorcycles.

The Spitfire name is currently carried by two motorcycles built by CCM. Based upon the 599cc single cylinder engine and hand-welded steel trellis frame, one motorcycle is built to go off the beaten path, while the other is designed for pursuit of speed.

Now CCM has added another model to the Spitfire lineup. Called the Spitfire FT6 Flat Tracker, it uses the same 600cc engine and steel trellis skeleton as the other two, it has committed yet upright seating position of a standard naked bike. The single cylinder engine of the Spitfire FT6 develops 55 hp and 54 Nm torque. While these performance figures don’t sound that great, the FT6 only weighs 125 kg. This weight reduction is down to two factors. Firstly, carbon fiber has been liberally used on the bike to keep weight in check. Both the tail unit and the side number panels are made of carbon fiber.

The Spitfire Scrambler: A lesson in minimalist design.

Secondly, the motorcycle is an exercise in drastic minimalisation. Only the most vital of components find place aboard the Spitfire FT6. CCM has a history of ultra-light, bare basic motorcycles, and the FT6 clearly falls into the pattern. Other than the aluminium tank, the Flat Tracker has ultra-small fenders, and the carbon fiber tail unit. The headlamp shroud is also made of carbon fiber. The Y-shaped eight-arm alloys are also super light, all contributing to the extremely low kerb weight.

Both the Spitfire Scrambler and Cafe Racer are limited production motorcycles, and the FT6 Flat Tracker is no different. CCM has earmarked 250 units of the FT6 for production. If you want one of these beauties, you had best hurry up and book one for yourself, since the previous two iterations sold out pretty quickly.

CCM can turn even simple exhaust pipes into works of art.