Casey Stoner, the former MotoGP champion, is at Valencia testing for Ducati. The last time when he was on a Ducati was in May at Barcelona. According to reports, Stoner will be riding for two days here in Valencia to test out new development parts for Ducati.

Test Team bikes will be handed over to Stoner to test. There’s quite a probability that Ducati will also get its new ‘wing fairing’ tested by the Australian star. All these tests and their results will help Ducati for the remaining five races of the 2017 MotoGP. In fact, these results will be taken into consideration for future developments too. Ducati will also use the findings to make necessary amendments in the final race of this season of MotoGP, that will be held in Valencia itself 12th Nov 2017.

casey-stonerIt was Stoner who won the MotoGP title in 2007 riding a Ducati and that’s the only one for Ducati till date. Reports say that this would probably be the final test by Stoner for Ducati and he wouldn’t be doing any more in 2017. He would return next year at Sepang in Jan.