Campagna Motors had mastered the art of making performance three-wheeled vehicles. Its dedication and will had given us the T-Rex, a benchmark for three-wheeled performance. Today, however, the automobile industry is changing and opting for more electric options – whether it’s for normal purpose or performance oriented. So, Campagna Motors partnered up with Zero Motorcycles to bring an electric T-Rex.

Zero Motorcycles has successfully established itself in the electric segment. It has got many products on offer for its customers. Its vast experience and research have allowed it to develop high-performance vehicles which are energy efficient as well. Campagna Motors was looking for an electric powertrain for its T-Rex, to make it suit the modern requirements. And, therefore, these two firms partnered up.

“Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated team and partners, the T-Rex has become the benchmark for three-wheeled performance,” says André Morissette, president of Campagna Motors, “Our collaboration with Zero Motorcycles brings a whole new level of innovation and originality to this already exhilarating platform.”

Speaking about this collaboration, Jim Callahan, Zero Motorcycles Director of Business Development, said, “We’re excited that Campagna selected our industry-leading powertrain technology to develop their electric T-Rex. Zero’s electric powertrain is an ideal solution for the ultimate three-wheeled experience. This vehicle is an absolute thrill to drive.”

A prototype for this electric T-Rex has already been completed. Both the companies have planned to reveal it for the first time at the Montreal Electric Vehicle Show which begins from April 20. Later, another prototype will be showcased during the summer.