After teasing dark silhouettes of its upcoming scooter, British electric scooter manufacturer, Zapp, has finally unveiled the new i300.

Aimed at a daily commuting purpose, the new scooter is powered by a maintenance-free air-cooled interior permanent electric motor connected to lightweight lithium-ion batteries. Zapp has made the scooter practical by making its charging compliant to a normal household supply.

Zapp has included an option to select ‘regenerative braking’ for the riders. This tech returns energy when the rider shuts the throttle. The company hopes that this braking system will allow the rider to gain extra range for their journeys and increase the durability of the brakes.

Basics on the bike consist of a 140/60 ultra-low-profile nitrogen-filled rear tyre with front brakes that features a cross-drilled vented full floating disc. The new scooter also sports progressive-rate gas-filled upside-down front forks with a rear coilover pushrod and mono rear swing arm suspension that is inspired by superbikes.

The battery on the new i300 is capacitated at 14kWh and lunges the scooter from 0 to 48kph in under 2.4 seconds. The scooter weighs about 90kg, dry. Additionally, the battery pack consists of removable laptop-sized batteries that weigh less than 5kg for practical charging.

Swin Chatsuwan, Zapp Chief Executive said: “With air quality in cities worsening and our roads becoming increasingly congested, the world needs new alternatives to urban transport. With its revolutionary design, thrilling performance, and clean power source, we believe the i300 is the urban mobility solution people have been looking for.

“There are already electric scooters out there, so we only ever intended to bring something highly innovative and hugely desirable to the market. There is nothing like the Zapp i300, either from a design or functionality and practicality perspective. We are very proud of what we have created and think commuters will like it as well.”