With nearly a month left for BMW’s grand-unveil of its most ambitious super-sport, official little-revealing teasers can now be seen on the official pages of the company.

The latest teaser that was posted by the company shows a stationary shot of the sidelines of a race-track with the musical engine note of the bike in the background as it approaches closer. However, the bike escapes the sight sooner than a blink of the eye with a zooming fly-by, followed by the words ‘Adrenaline Incoming’.

BMW Motarrad tried to play its cards extremely close to the chest with the S1000 RR. However, there was no escape for the company from a few spy-shots and other patent images that have been surfacing since the past few months.

From what we have seen, it is clear that BMW has traded the iconic ‘lazy eye’ headlamps for a more conventional looking one. Further design cues on the bike might suggest that the bike will come with lower ride height and a bit more track-committed ergonomics.

The big news, however, comes in the new mechanics of the bike. Reports suggest that the new bike will feature the new counter-rotating crankshaft which would keep down the front wheel and improve side to side transitions. This adds BMW to the line-up along with Ducati with the same setup in a current superbike engine.

Reports also suggest that BMW is set to offer several trims on the new S1000 RR in order to cope up with the changing rules of the World Superbike Championship. This might hint at a higher spec-race homologation bike which might also include a few aerodynamic aids.

As mentioned earlier, the bike will be unveiled at the EICMA this year in November. However, we could expect a few more teasers from the company till the time.


(Image Source: Asphalt and Rubber)