The summer season is about to knock on our doors; the scorching heat keeps many of us indoors, be it office or home. For motorcyclists, commuting in summer is painful and it takes a toll on their health. However, a new product promises to deliver conditioned air on-the-go right on to your face.

An Indian company called BluArmour has come up with this product which they’ve named as the BluSnap. It is a battery-operated cooling system that provides cool, filtered air to a rider.

The entire assembly is supposed to be strapped on to a full-face helmet. It is held on with the help of a goggle-style strap, which is available in different styles. The unit is placed in the front, at the chin bar of the helmet where the vents are located. There is a small pipe which has been designed in such a manner that it easily provides cool and fresh air to the rider’s head from under the chin.

BluSnap-uae-dubaiAccording to the company, BluSnap provides two hours of cooling on a single charge. Also, you’ll need to refill the water reservoir to continue to enjoy the cool air. BluArmour says that BluSnap can reduce the temp of the rider’s face and head by 6-15 degrees. Pretty cool, isn’t it? The system can be turned on and off via a simple switch.

BluSnap-uae-dubaiAlso, in case of an accident, the system is meant to snap off the helmet and allow it to do its job. This is why it’s called BluSnap. I’m definitely going to give this a shot. How about you?

For more information about BluSnap, you can visit its website here.