Bell Helmets has introduced a new product in the market to cater to the needs of a variety of riders. This new product is called the SRT Modular Helmet. Bell has given its all in making this one a special piece.

The Bell SRT Modular helmet is made up of a lightweight fiberglass material. This material does not even look good, but also provides great comfort. The styling of this helmet is pretty dope. It is available in a plethora of color options.

There are numerous visibility features in the new SRT Modular helmet. It has a Panovision Class 1 Optics, which means it has got Bell’s proprietary viewport design and is also compatible with a total of 17 different shield designs.


Recently, Bell unveiled its all-new ProTint visor. It has the ability to change the shade of the visor automatically depending upon the light conditions of the surroundings. The new SRT Modular helmet is compatible to ProTint too. It also has an integrated drop-down sun shield, which can be used in both full face and ‘flip up’ modes, and is eyewear compatible.

Speaking about the new helmet, Chris Sackett, Vice President of Bell Helmets, said, “We’re always designing with the intention of arming our helmets with specific features and differentiators that set them apart in their respective categories and effectively serve specific rider needs, and with the SRT, the focus was visibility. Panovision Class 1 Optics and ProTint, combined with the SRT’s drop-down sun shield, eyewear compatibility, and lightweight design, make it an ideal blend of style, technology, and versatility that riders are seeking with modular helmets.”

The new Bell SRT Modular helmet is available at only select retailers. You can also buy it online from its official website.