Bell Helmets has been manufacturing helmets for years. It has got the experience, technology, and passion for producing innovative and safer products. In its quest to eliminate stress on rider’s eyes while riding in different lighting conditions, Bell Helmets came up with a brilliant new product. It is a self-tinting visor called the ProTint.

The ProTint is Bell’s first proprietary photochromatic shield. It took Bell years of research and development to finally introduce this amazing product. It has been designed by riders, for the riders.

The unique quality of ProTint is its self-adjusting capability to random changes in lighting conditions. Riders usually face difficulties while riding at night when there is a plethora of different intensity of light striking their eyes. This causes the rider to lose his/her focus, and act as a hindrance, which could lead to serious safety concerns.

With its self-adjusting photochromatic technology, ProTint offers a great solution. Its adaptive shield technology offers exceptional clarity in low-light conditions but quickly darkens when exposed to bright light. This reaction allows the rider’s eyes to comfortably adjust to randomly changing conditions throughout the day. In addition, ProTint offers unrivaled detail with lenses designed to provide enhanced contrast, allowing riders to discern shapes and colors faster, while also reducing eye strain through varying light conditions.


Speaking about the ProTint, Chris Sackett, Vice President of Bell Helmets, said, “ProTint is the first self-adjusting shield technology developed by riders, for riders, and the ideal complement to our more-expansive Panovision viewport. Virtually every rider has experienced the challenges, and potential hazards, associated with rapidly changing light conditions, and ProTint addresses this, allowing riders the peace of mind to stay completely focused throughout the ride.”

As of now, ProTint is compatible with Bell helmets that feature the Panovision viewport, including the all-new SRT Modular, as well as the entire Star lineup, which includes Star MIPS, Race Star FLEX, and the industry-leading Pro Star FLEX. It is available at only select retailers and online.