Motorcyclists have a hard time navigating through the city. It becomes even worse when you are new in the town. Your options are limited. You can either go old school way and ask for directions at the end of every block or you could use a mobile mount and fit it on your motorcycle and use your smartphone. Things can turn rougher if it’s raining. Well, there’s a new gadget called Beeline Moto that should solve your navigation problems.

Most of the bikers use their smartphones for navigation purpose. While this is the most convenient way yet, it can still cause problems. For example, you will have to mount your phone on the holder. Riding with a big device mounted on your motorcycle isn’t quite convenient.

The new Beeline Moto is a small gadget that looks like a tiny compass and can be fitted on most of the motorcycles’ handlebar. It’s not huge like your smartphone but still provides the navigation details. It connects with any Android or iOS smartphone via Bluetooth and the company has got a specific application for it to be used. Once connected you can set your destination and route via the app, and this little guy will guide you through. It doesn’t even need an internet connection to do so unless and until you don’t wander off from your pre-set route.

The best thing about this device is that it is simple in design, construction, and to use. Plus, it has got an IP67 rating so it is water and dustproof. it can even handle low-intensity shocks such as the vibrations in the handlebar of your motorcycle. Of course, it has a battery to keep it running, which lasts for nearly 30 hours.

The Beeline Moto is really a handy tool to have. It will eliminate the need to carry big-ass smartphones mounted on your motorcycle’s handlebar and keep worrying about it during a rainy weather. Its simple operation makes it so desirable and practical. Beeline has given it a launch price of USD 129 (approx AED 474), and a retail price of USD 199 (approx AED 731). It should be available by Feb 2019.