Indian-Motorcycle-Authentic accessory package-bnm-uae-dubai

All of the Indian Motorcycle products have got a class of its own. And why shouldn’t they? The brand has got a rich history and a cult fan following. Indian Motorcycle owners tend to customize their rides; add a bit of their personal taste to make the bike unique. The brand is well aware of this customization-game and therefore has come up with its own Authentic Accessory Portfolio for its motorcycles.

The Authentic Accessory Portfolio brings a number of parts that can be fitted to an Indian. It depends on you as to which parts you like. There are a bunch of customizable parts to look for like billet primary cover, solo luggage rack, 1920 solo saddle seat, genuine leather extended reach heated seat, premium tour console and beige gauges, thunder stroke high flow air intake, etc.

Of course, these parts will vary from motorcycle to motorcycle. So you will have to pick the ones suitable for your bike. You can have a look at your bike-specific accessories by visiting the webpage by clicking here.

To have an idea of what these accessories would look like on your Indian, there are a few videos as well. We are posting two of them for your reference, so have a look.

Do let us know whether you like Indian Motorcycle’s idea of Authentic Accessory Portfolio or not and if you are going to get your Indian treated or not.