Earlier this month, a fresh entry into the EV motorcycle segment from Britain, teased its upcoming bike in a shadowed silhouette soon after the INTERMOT. Arc Motorcycles, as we see, might have a good surprise in its bag, considering that the company has now released some more teaser images of its first moniker, Vector.

Being the new black in the motorcycle industry, the electric powertrain serves as a platform for numerous new companies a place to shine, due to lesser competition from already-established giants. And Arc Vehicles is one of those. A sneak peek into its specifications might leave one’s jaw on the floor.

Fresh images of the upcoming bike suggest a café racer stance with a drooping front end. However, unlike most of the café-racers in the market which sports a rather classic look, Arc seems to have recreated the same with futuristic looks, a point evident from its unique new vertically stacked headlights.

Reports suggest that the upcoming bike is to feature the very first Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology. A cybertronic element you ask? Essentially not. HMI basically lets the bike connect with sensors that can be connected with a jacket or suit, helmet or possibly even gloves with sensors that interact with the bike and the environment.

“Technology, performance, safety and experience come together like never before on two wheels. The Vector is more than just the world’s most premium electric motorcycle; it’s the world’s first motorcycle with integrated multisensory HMI (Human Machine Interface), it’s an innovative heads-up display helmet and it’s a tactile riding suit – all making up the most involving motorcycle experience on the market today.” Said Mark Truman, CEO, Arc Vehicle Ltd

The 18-month-old company’s first iteration is created by its founder, Mark Truman in his previous role as the head of Jaguar Land Rover’s Whitespace department.

The team that was conjoined by the engineer included significant skill-offering including that of a MotoGP chief engineer and FEA analysis specialists to push the concept from sketch boards to production lines.

While most of the silhouette still remains a mystery, we can only wait till the EICMA to see what the bike is really packing.