In late August, when Harley Davidson green-flagged its first ever electric project, the industry was divided between questions and awe. However, Energica came up with a different tale after its track-oriented sport-bike Ego was approved by the FIM for the upcoming MotoE championship in 2019.

Now, waiting to be officially unveiled at the EICMA in Milan, a new British manufacturer has broken its silence by announcing the launch of its first high-performance electric offering, Vector.

Arc Vehicle is a fresh manufacturer from Britain who has come up with a concept created by its founder, Mark Truman in his previous role as the head of Jaguar Land Rover’s Whitespace department.

The team that was conjoined by the engineer included significant skill-offering including that of a MotoGP chief engineer and FEA analysis specialists to push the concept from sketch boards to production lines.

The company that was established 18 months ago has been developing the bike ever since. It claims that the new project would be ‘the most fulfilling, safest and cleanest motorcycle – ever.” The bike will be segmented as a ‘futuristic neo Café Racer’ at the EICMA in November.

Reports suggest that the upcoming bike is to feature the very first Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology. A cybertronic element you ask? Essentially not. HMI basically lets the bike connect with sensors that can be connected with a jacket or suit, helmet or possibly even gloves with sensors that interact with the bike and the environment.

“Technology, performance, safety and experience come together like never before on two wheels. The Vector is more than just the world’s most premium electric motorcycle; it’s the world’s first motorcycle with integrated multisensory HMI (Human Machine Interface), it’s an innovative heads-up display helmet and it’s a tactile riding suit – all making up the most involving motorcycle experience on the market today.” Said Mark Truman, CEO, Arc Vehicle Ltd