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Limited edition models are really something that a bike enthusiast would love to own if he/she has got all the money in the world. There have been numerous limited edition versions of some of the finest superbikes which were already maniac enough. This time it’s Aprilia that has come up with its RSV4 X – a limited edition which produces 221 bhp!

Aprilia RSV4 X is a track-tool. It’s been built with only one aim in mind, to set blazingly-fast lap times. To do so, Aprilia has borrowed a number of parts from its WSBK and MotoGP race machines. The result is a lightweight, aggressive-looking machine that has got 221 horses ready to plunge forward at your command.

aprilia-rsv4 x-2019-uae-dubai
What makes the RSV4 X so special?

The first thing that makes the Aprilia RSV4 X a bloody special motorcycle is its production run. Aprilia is going to make only 10 units of this machine. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the ‘X’ in the name is 10 which marks the completion of 10 years of the RSV4.

Moving on, powering the RSV4 X is a 1,077cc, V4 engine that we’ve seen equipped in the RSV4 1100 Factory. However, Aprilia has managed to extract out 8 more horsepower by making some serious modifications. Consequently, the total power that the RSV4 X has on disposal in 221 bhp.

One of the biggest changes on this new machine is the inclusion of the ANN (Aprilia No Neutral) gearbox. This doesn’t have the typical gear shift pattern of a superbike. Instead, it comes with the neutral located below the first gear. So, there’s no 1-down 5-up, but all up, similar to what we see in MotoGP bikes. Aprilia says that this system has been directly lifted from the Aprilia MotoGP bike and is being offered on a production motorcycle for the first time. It helps in faster upshift from first to second and prevents errors.

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Other interesting Aprilia RSV4 X specs

Aprilia has slapped on a full titanium Akrapovic exhaust with a carbon canister. It must have great sound and should be lighter as well. We also get high-performance Brembo brakes and aiding them are the Pirelli tires. Aprilia has also upgraded the air filter which now has a high permeability, the same as that of a MotoGP bike.

The ECU has also been tuned with dedicated track settings. Thanks to the use of carbon fiber for many components and several billet aluminium finished parts including the clutch lever, front brake lever guard, engine sump guards, adjustable foot pegs and upper steering plate, etc., the RSV4 X is 12 kg lighter than the RSV4 1100 Factory weighing just 165 kg dry.

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Price and availability

The Aprilia RSV4 X price tag says Euro 39,900 (AED 164,456 as per current conversion rate). As mentioned before, only 10 units of the bike will be made which will be available for an exclusive online sale starting from the second half of April 2019. Keep checking Aprilia’s official website to get details regarding the booking because we’re pretty sure all the units will be sold in a second!