Ahead of the Intermot show in Cologne, Suzuki has revealed another teaser which hints at a new Katana in the works.

From the teaser which is not even half a minute long, what is visible is that someone is quenching a red-hot sword. Further research into the type of weapon reveals it to be a Katana, a thin sword of Japanese origins made by a guild of master craftsmen dabbling in swordmaking for centuries. What does it have to do with a twenty-first-century motorcycle manufacturer?

Suzuki actually used to market a motorcycle named the Katana which was produced between 1981 and 2006. It was a semi-faired 1,100cc sport touring motorcycle, a genre which Suzuki excels at. The second teaser depicting the sword namesake of the aforementioned motorcycle that Suzuki dropped is incidentally a few weeks before the Intermot Show in Cologne. This hints at a thick possibility of Suzuki launching a new Katana at the show.

Assuming the previous statement to be true, what can we expect from the Japanese bikemaker? Any guess is as good as the next when it comes to the mystery new Suzuki. Some believe that the company is bringing a street-legal derivative of its GSX-RR GP racing machine. This is feasible considering companies like Ducati and Honda are doing good business out of their GP-derived street-legal bikes such as the Superleggera and SP1 respectively. Bikes like these command exorbitant price tags, provide higher margins to the manufacturer and still find a robust number of takers.

Yet others claim that a halo bike is coming which will battle it out with the fearsome supercharged Kawasaki H2. This claim also holds substance considering Suzuki’s formidable Motorsports track record and know-how.

By far the most popular opinion is of Suzuki finally pulling the covers off a turbocharged motorcycle which it had previewed in the form of the 588cc Recursion concept in 2013. A midsize turbocharged motorcycle that could be agile due to its low weight while being fuel-efficient: Sounds too good to be true, but doable if Suzuki is involved. A modern turbocharged motorcycle built by a company that has a proven Motorsports legacy could be a very interesting product indeed. Add to it the surprisingly value-for-money price tags Suzuki always seems to pull off, and the turbo-bike suddenly seems a lot desirable.

Maybe it will be too optimistic to claim that if in fact, Suzuki launches a turbocharged bike, it could kick off a new era of forced induction motorcycles. But you can never know, for fortune favours the bold. Now there is only the matter of waiting impatiently till Suzuki actually reveals the new bike at Intermot. Fingers crossed.