Alta Motors is soon going to launch an ‘R’ variant of its Redshift MX electric motorcycle. The company has recently slashed prices of its products. With the new MX-R, it’s hoping to fill the needs of ‘true’ or professional racers.

According to the reports, the upcoming Redshift MX-R is going to have a few new elements that will make it much more capable than its standard variant. It would definitely be lighter and will have better heat management.

We aren’t expecting a steep increase in the power figures, but in order to get rid of the extra fat, Alta Motors might replace the WP 4CS suspension of the Redshift MX with the lighter WP AER forks in the new MX-R.

Not much information has been released right now. It is being expected that the ‘R’ will be a bit dearer to own than the Redshift MX. But the difference won’t be huge. At present, the standard MX is priced at MSRP USD 15,495. We will get more information about this soon. We hope the new MX-R would fulfil the cravings of the ‘true’ riders.