Alta Motors, an electric bike manufacturing company based out of San Francisco, has just expanded its product lineup by launching a new Enduro model called the Redshift EX. This is based on the company’s other motocross-focused product, the Redshift MX.

Not much new is there to see in the Redshift EX. Alta Motors basically took the Redshift MX, made some changes in its chassis and added a licence plate to make it road-legal. There you go, a brand new motorcycle.

2018-Alta-Motors-Redshift-EX-enduro-uae-dubai-02We will also get to see an 18” inch rear wheel, narrower rake angle and a larger offset on the new Redshift EX. To make things more interesting, Alta Motors also added a WP rear suspension setup with a custom reservoir, a small rear brake and wrapped around the wheels Bridgestone Battlecross X30 tyres.

Alta Motors claims that the Redshift EX weighs about 125kg, which is quite normal for an electric bike and has a 5.8 kWh battery pack. It produces a max power of 40hp and generates a peak torque of approx 162Nm. The entire pack would need around 2.5 hrs to fully charge on a 240V input connection. Alta claims that the EX would last around 4 hrs in off-road conditions with a full charge. Of course, this time will vary based on the riding terrain and techniques, but you do get the hang of it, right?

Since electric motors generally deliver power instantly, it’d be interesting to see how Alta Motors has managed to control it because you need to have the right amount of power and torque at the right time in off-road conditions, otherwise things can turn up pretty bad.

2018-Alta-Motors-Redshift-EX-enduro-uae-dubai-03Alta Motors is moving up the vertical ladder of electric vehicles quite quickly and has increased its range of products to attract an audience from different genres and age. Good work, there. The next product that we’d see the company coming out with would be a street-tracker model.