Back in 2014, Alta Motors built a prototype of a supermoto motorcycle and it was named as the Redshift SM. Even then the electric motorcycle looked solid and promised to beat its rivals hands down. Now finally after years, Alta Motors has begun the production of the Redshift SM.

Production of Redshift SM has begun

Alta Motors is a San Francisco based firm whose popular product, the Redshift MX, is already out in the market. The Redshift MX is a motocross-focussed electric motorcycle and has been received quite well by the customers. Now, after years of testing and research, Alta Motors is ready to bring its brand new Redshift SM (supermoto) in the electric motorcycles market.

Alta-Motors-Redshift-SM-02-uae-dubaiThe Redshift SM will be the first street legal electric motorcycle from Alta Motors. It has been priced on a higher side with a tag of $15,495 (MSRP). Alta Motors has successfully roped in a funding of $27 million earlier this year. This has given birth to rumours that the company is also working on street legal enduro model as well as a street-tracker model of the Redshift SM.

Alta-Motors-Redshift-SM-09-uae-dubaiKTM is already working overtime to bring new electric motorcycles. It recently announced the Freeride E-XC model in the US and it is also being said that the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer is also working on a supermoto electric bike. If that becomes a reality soon, then both KTM and Alta Motors will not only give a tough competition to each other but also might eat up Zero Motorcycles if it didn’t come up with something new.