Zero Motorcycles shared the first teaser of the SR/F in Jan 2019. And then the game began. We got to see a couple of more teasers; one revealed a picture and the other a few technical details of the SR/F. Every piece of information added to our excitement but we couldn’t do anything but wait. So we did… patiently, because we knew the unveiling date, Zero already revealed it. And then it finally happened, the all-new Zero SR/F is finally here.

The new SR/F looks fab. We did have an idea about its aesthetic features but we had no clue it is going to be this magnificent. Full points to Zero for this work. Most of the bike looks very much similar to any conventional petrol-powered motorcycle. It is indeed an aggressive street fighter but isn’t harsh on the environment.

Zero SR/F specs

It has a 14.4 kWh battery pack that is the same one that goes in the Zero S and SR models. The SR/F’s electric motor is new. The bike has got 110 (electric) horses and 190 Nm of torque. With all that power and weight, Zero says that SR/F is capable of achieving a range of 164-197 km on a single charge. The recharging time is around 4.5 hours with a 3 kW charger and 1.5 hours if you plug in a 6 kW fast charger. Zero has also provided different riding modes – Street, Sport, Eco, and Rain – along with a 4th one that allows the rider to customize it in 10 different ways.

Zero SR/F features

Zero SR/F has got its own unique operating system called Cypher III. This is a very interesting feature that we would like to check out. The SR/F would give its rider a ton of information like bike status and alerts, charging, ride data sharing, as well as system upgrades and updates. Zero also made an app that connects with the bike’s operating system. It will enhance the overall user experience.

Other features of the SR/F include TFT dash, Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) system, cornering ABS, traction control, and drag torque control from the motor.

Zero SR/F price

The standard version of the Zero SR/F will cost you USD 18,995 (AED 69,768 in current exchange rates) whereas the premium package that includes a screen, fast-charger, heated grips, and aluminum bar ends is USD 20,995 (AED 77,114 in current exchange rates).