Back in the day, Suzuki gave the GSX R1000R the much-needed revamp which helped the Japanese motorcycle to stay in the top ranks in the list of best litre-class motorcycles of the world. The new GSX R1000R is a fine machine, thanks to all the research and development Suzuki has done. Being a famous bike among the enthusiasts, Suzuki has decided to make a new limited edition model of the GSX R1000R.

This model is called the GSX R1000R Origins Edition. Well, there’s a reason behind it. Do you remember the old 1985 Suzuki GSX-R750? It was a motorcycle which completely turned the industry upside down. It produced around 100 horses and weighed 180 kg. Its dual headlight setup and flat side body panels made it an exotic sportbike. So, with the GSX R1000R Origins Edition, Suzuki is trying to pay homage to the old GSX-R750.


The GSX R1000R Origins Edition will have a similar blue-black paint scheme to represent the old-school GSX-R750, and it looks fantastic. Other than that there are some new additions as per today’s standards, like an Akrapovic carbon exhaust, carbon fibre engine cover, front air-intake, cowl for the pillion seat. Then there are new aluminium parts like oil cap, chain guard and heel plates.


Suzuki has said that it’s going to make only 33 units of this limited edition model. All of which will be available for purchase across the globe. Each unit will contain a plate with an engraving of the serial number of that particular model. Suzuki has not revealed any launch or price details of the GSX R1000R Origins Edition, but we’re expecting it to be a bit dearer than the normal version.