Zero SR-uae-dubai

Breaking all the stereotypes, Remo Klawitter, a German rider has set a new record of covering the longest distance on an electric motorcycle in 24 hours. He used a Zero DSR electric bike to get the job done. He covered a distance of 1,134.3 km.

Remo is based in Berlin and owns a bicycle shop. He is also an e-bike enthusiast. He started his journey on the afternoon of March 10 from Berlin. He took his first break after covering 150 km. He was able to maintain an average speed of 90-100 kph. He used to stop after every 150 km and recharge the Zero DSR 14.4 with the Zero’s optional charge tank. It took about an hour for the battery to completely juice up, and Remo utilised this time to rest and converse with the people.

Speaking about his achievement, Remo said, “I’ve been thinking about a 24-hour ride since the middle of 2017. Primarily, I wanted to have fun, while drawing people’s attention to the practicality of electric motorcycles. Everything we have used is readily available from Zero and the route was on public roads. In total, we have spent nine and a half hours charging, and during this time, as well as resting and eating, I was able to speak to many people who were interested in the bike and the journey.”

It’s commendable what Remo has achieved on his Zero DSR electric bike. However, electric motorcycles have still a long way to go to encourage others to take up touring on such motorcycles. Like Remo mentioned, he spent a total of 9.5 hours on his 24-hour trip just to charge the motorcycle. This is still a long period of time wasted as on a petrol-powered motorcycle one could’ve easily utilised this time to crunch many more kilometres. Electric motorcycles are not there yet, but eventually, they might reach there soon.