2020 Yamaha R1-R1M-uae-dubai

The Yamaha R1. A motorcycle that needs no introduction. A motorcycle that has been winning hearts and championships for over two decades. A motorcycle that set new engineering standards for other brands. The Yamaha R1. It has come a long way and has gone through a series of upgrades and changes – from cross-plane crankshaft engines to revolutionary electronics such as the six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). And Yamaha has just given it another upgrade for the year 2020 making it faster, nimbler, and more desirable. Here are the new YZF-R1M And YZF-R1.

2020 Yamaha R1-R1M-uae-dubai

Yamaha says that the new motorcycles have received a revolutionary engine refinement, augmented electronic control features, enhanced suspension performance, advanced bodywork with outstanding aerodynamic performance, and next-generation R-Series design. As the company’s flagship R World models, the new 2020 YZF-R1M (R1M) and YZF-R1 (R1) deliver improved handling and rideability with more electronic control for mastering both the street and track.

2020 Yamaha R1-R1M-uae-dubai
What’s new?

We can go babbling about the new R1 and R1M all day long. To cut it short, here are the new features.

-Redesigned cylinder head, fuel injectors, finger-follower rocker arms, and camshaft profiles
-APSG ride-by-wire system with YCC-T
-Brake Control (BC) and Engine Brake Management (EBM) for a total of seven independently-adjustable electronic control rider aids
-Öhlins ERS NPX front fork with integrated gas cylinder and optimized rear shock settings (R1M)
-KYB upside-down front fork with new internal shim stack design (R1)
-Optimized settings for linked-type Monocross KYB rear shock (R1)
-Next-generation R-Series redesigned bodywork with outstanding aerodynamic efficiency
-Carbon fibre tail cowl (R1M)
-Bridgestone RS11 Battlax Racing Street tires with updated tread design
-New front brake pad friction material for excellent control while braking

2020 Yamaha R1-R1M-uae-dubai
Returning Features:


-Compact combustion chamber and large-diameter intake/exhaust valves (intake 33 mm, exhaust 26.5 mm)
-Twin-injector fuel injection
-Forged aluminium bridge-box pistons
-Titanium fracture-split (FS) connecting rods
-Offset cylinders
-Crank inertial moment engineered to achieve linear throttle response
-4-2-1 midship muffler with two variable exhaust routes (based on rpm)
-A&S clutch


-Aluminum Deltabox frame
-Forced air intake
-Aluminum fuel tank with 4.5-gallon capacity
-Cast magnesium wheels
-320mm front brake discs and four-piston monobloc calipers
-Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS) (R1M only)

2020 Yamaha R1-R1M-uae-dubai


-Six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for three-dimensional vehicle attitude detection
-Yamaha Ride Control (YRC) technology

-Traction Control System (TCS)

-Slide Control System (SCS)

-Lift control system (LIF)

-Launch Control System (LCS)

-Quick Shift System (QSS) with upshift and downshift function

-Power mode selection system (PWR)
-Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS) (R1M only)
-Digital thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display
-Communication Control Unit (CCU) (standard equipment for R1M, an optional accessory for R1)