The latest news suggests that Kawasaki is working on a 2019 ZX-6R. Its evidence is that Kawasaki USA has filed certain documents with the California Air Resources Board. These papers reveal the updated version of the bike is in the works.

The 2019 ZX-6R is expected to be inspired from its elder sibling, the ZX-10R. Kawasaki would implement a few design elements of the ZX-10R in the new updated model of the ZX-6R. The new model will also be Euro 4 compliant. To achieve that Kawasaki will replace the old 2-way cat-con with the new 3-way system. This will result in fewer emissions overall.

We can also expect to see updated electronics on the new 2019 ZX-6R like new traction control system, and new riding modes. What will remain more or less the same is the engine. Kawasaki is planning to continue using the 636cc, 4-cylinder engine that has been employed in the current generation of the bike. We understand Kawasaki’s step of letting the engine untouched, as it’s a trustworthy unit. But it would be a happier thing to see if Kawasaki do some tweaks to enhance its performance.

There is no information regarding an exact launch date of the new 2019 ZX-6R, but it is being anticipated that Kawasaki will showcase the new model at the 2018 Tokyo Motor Show, followed by a launch sometime early next year.