Kawasaki is currently riding high after winning four consecutive World Superbike titles with rider Jonathan Rea. In light of the same, Ducati has decided to switch its feel in order to compete fairly with the Green Team. The Italian motorcycle premiere has decided to ditch its 1200cc engine for a MotoGP-inspired V4 to compete in the production series.

In spite of consecutive victories, Kawasaki is not reluctant to further switch up its game. In light of declining litre-bike sales, Kawasaki could not afford a new bike for the upcoming year. Hence the company has instead winged the ZX-10RR for the upcoming season.

In order to exceed the rev limit on the new bike, reports suggest that Kawasaki is likely to reduce valve-train mass by 20 per cent by replacing the current DLC-coated inverted-bucket valve tappets as well as lighter pivoted finger followers. The company claims that this allows 600-rev rise in stock peak rpm.

Kawasaki will use its own use titanium alloy to make the exhaust valves. This can be commonly seen among jet engine LP compressor blades and discs due to its high-temperature tolerance.

In order to recover acceleration, the new ZX10-RR comes with titanium con-rods that are designed by Austrian specialists Pankl. To be precise, each rod is about 102grams lighter than the steel rod that Kawasaki has ditched. This also reduces the crankshaft polar moment by 5 per cent.

The bike puts out a total of 204bhp at 13,500rpm with an additional 7bhp with ram air coupled with 115Nm of torque at 11,000rpm. However, if the claimed torque levels are true, the engine reveals a wide powerband with good cylinder filling and combustion efficiency.