Dani Pedrosa had a highside crash at the Argentina GP, round 2 of the 2018 MotoGP world championship. The mishap happened when Zarco tried to get past Pedrosa in turn 13 in the opening lap itself. This forced Pedrosa to run wide into the wet patch and hence lost control while accelerating out.

Pedrosa had gone through a surgery on his right wrist. It was a successful operation. However, he still needs time to get to utilise his wrist fully. Speaking about his crash and participation in the Austin GP, Pedrosa said, “Since the operation, I started feeling a bit better every day,” Pedrosa said. “I’ve been doing exercises to gain mobility and reduce the inflammation. Little by little I’m recovering muscle tone, and this allows me to see some progress.”

He further added, “From here it’s difficult to know our real possibilities. We’re going to a difficult track and until I’m back on my bike I won’t be able to really know my situation. But what’s clear to me at this moment is that it’s well worth it to travel and try. An important part of my strength to go to Austin comes from your messages of support, so thank you very much to all of you.”

We’ll soon get to know whether Pedrosa would get back in the race this weekend or not. Honda might still be open to replacing him with test rider Stefan Bradl, in case he couldn’t race.