There are many rules and restrictions in MotoGP for the development of bikes. All the teams have to fulfil them in order to get their bikes approved by the concerned people. As per the latest news, the guidelines for the fairings of the bikes have been left untouched for the 2018 season.

Danny Aldridge, MotoGP technical director, who solemnly decides the legality of the fairings, while speaking to said, “[The rules and guidance] will stay exactly the same. No changes. Stable, consistent and what I think you’ll see is that the fairings will all morph towards a similar type of design. It’s a hard thing to try and regulate and I understand a lot of people’s opinions, saying ‘those are wings.”


He further added, “But we have tried to allow the engineers some freedom to work and there are definitely pros and cons with the new fairing designs. You don’t just bolt them on and go faster everywhere. For example, at Phillip Island, one of the slowest riders for top speed was Lorenzo with the Ducati fairing and a lot of riders chose not to use their aerodynamic fairings in Australia.”

MotoGP teams are allowed to use whatever they find fancy during the testing. But in order to implement anything in the bike for a race, it has to go through a thorough inspection and after it gets a thumbs-up, only then it can be used for racing.

In the past, we’ve seen many designs of fairings on different MotoGP bikes. As the rules of the design and implementation of these fairings haven’t been changed, it’d be interesting to see what the teams come up with to get an extra edge over the others. The testing at Sepang will begin at the end of this month. Ducati is expected to be there with its new GP18. Let’s see what we find then.