Valentino Rossi has been racing for over two decades. He has given his sweat and blood to this motorsport. During his long journey, he accomplished several world records. And during the 2018 Jerez GP, he just added a new one.

Rossi completed 40,075 km of racing during the Spanish GP. This distance is equivalent to a lap around the world! And this figure subsumes only race laps. It doesn’t count the practice or qualifying laps.

In his career of 23 GP seasons, Rossi has secured 115 race wins, and 228 podium finishes. Many riders came and left, but the Doctor remained in the sport. He has been a true legend in this motorsport.

The nine-time world champion didn’t win the race at the Jerez GP, but he surely won our respect once again. Currently, Rossi is at the 6th position in the world championship standings. He has been struggling to find the sweet spot of his M1. The next round of 2018 MotoGP will take place on 20th May, in France.