The latest news coming from the 2018 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy tells us that William Dunlop has decided not to race in this year’s championship. He announced his decision after the second day of practice.

When asked about his shocking decision, William said it is because of some personal reasons. He said, “This is a very difficult decision and not one I have taken lightly, I can only apologise to the team and all of our sponsors but I believe that continuing would be the wrong decision and would not give a true account of either myself or the team. I would like to thank Tim especially for how understanding and supportive he has been over the past few weeks, I obviously feel like I have let him and the team down but they have stood by me throughout. I am going to head home and take some time to recuperate before making a decision on when I will be back on the Temple Yamahas.”

Earlier this championship, William withdrew from races at the North West 200 after he crashed on Thursday and ended up damaging some of his back muscles. The Temple Golf Club Yamaha rider’s decision has shocked everyone.

Tim Martin, team boss, said, “Obviously this is extremely disappointing for us as a team and for me personally as I have been looking forward to working with William at the TT for some time. There is no race in the world however where having 100% focus and commitment is more important so it is the correct decision in the end for William. Hopefully after a few weeks off he will come back stronger, we all know what a natural talent he is so having a fit and well William back to fight for wins at the Ulster Grand Prix is now our focus.”